The Ian’s Strange exhibition that took place on Nov 18th in a Chelsea gallery 149 west 14th str., by the title ISLAND coincide with what happened in Mandra of Attica on Nov 16th,two days earlier.


20171119_042031Suburban bungalows asking for help resemble the residents of Mandra who find themselves in a desperate situation because of the natural disaster.


20171119_042122SOS,RUN and HELP respectively.The archetypal suburban homes,image of the American Dream,reinforced through cinema and advertising,echo the voices of occupants no longer able to pay hefty mortgages ,forced to give up their homes but at the same time houses call for help and have to run because of floods.Finally Ian Strange is a prophet,an artist or an activist?



IMG_4678 (1)One more aspect of Ian Strange ISLAND is a comment on who owns a home and seizures took place in the mid-2000’s in USA.Today Nov 29th in Greece start the online Real Estate auctions.RUN to buy…