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Tough Fashion

IMG_4923Μαρία Αμπατιέλου / Maria Ambatielou : Co-director Ecoluxe London.

Greek nonprofit NoTraditional and UK-based sustainable luxury campaigners Ecoluxe London transferred from the British capital to Athens the exhibition Tough Fashion.The exhibition first took place in London supported of the Mayor of London.

The exhibition opened with a paneldiscussion ,that is included from experts on the subject “Fashion Victim vs Victim of Fashion


From left to right : Ηλίας Παλιαλέξης/Elias Palialexis (Journalist-panel coordinator) , Μαρία Αμπατιέλου/Maria Ambatielou (Coodinator Ecoluxe London, speaker for sustainable fashion, Δημήτρης Γραμματικογιάννης/Dimitris Grammaticoyiannis(Fashion Editor,Eco-stylist,speaker for ethical fashion,Μαρία Κούντζα/Maria Kountza(Psychotherapist from Ανάσα-Anasa,speaker for anorexia),Χρήστος Παπασιδέρης/Christos Papasideris(Doctor-Phd ,speaker for disorders, coming from fashion industry)


The whole venture hosted by Trianon cinema.Μαρία Λυσικάτου is the soul & owner of the venue and a great hostess!


The sustainable designerElisavet Kapogianni expresses her opinion about Tough Fashion

The exhibition consists of a capsule collection of fashion items in a variety of eras and cultures that caused suffering ,especially for women.


Neck coils

The neck stretching is mostly illusory :the weight of the rings twist the collarbone and eventually the upper ribs at an angle 45 degrees lower than what is natural ,causing the illusion of an elongated neck.


The vertebrae do not elongate , though the space between them may increase as the intervertebral discs absord liquid.


Lotus Shoes

Lotus s shoes got their name from the shape of the bound foot which had to resemble a lotus petal.The practice of Lotus shoes is likely to have originated during the 10th century and banned in 1911.


Armadillo Bag

Where is the beauty of an animal to become a bag and who can have this right to make it up?


Ethicalode provides you with some infos about the exhibition, for more comprehension three days left before the exhibits go back to London.

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