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why do we still RemembeR 80’s?

A major exhibition with 18 pavilions takes place in Texnopoli at Gazi. You can remember( if you were born before 80’s) important incidents of the 80s, objects, documents, memorabilia, photographs, music,magazines and fashion.
Some pictures help to understand what is going on over there.

16359182_1223706084375935_838787000_nA political ad calls the youth to vote in favour of ΠΑΣΟΚ

16395506_1223694211043789_732573829_nΡΟΔΟΝ was the venue that opened the way Greece to important bands of foreign singers and groups.

16402090_1223699434376600_1295368649_nWhat can you say about the mythical Olympic Airways?

16358962_1223703007709576_1829848406_nThe  legendary PONY car was fantastic for holidays !

16358715_1223703551042855_2004843798_nIt takes only GRD(drachmas) as the euro had not yet invented


Fashion and Art could not but be there.The artworks of Irini Karayannopoulou  joined with garments of 80’s curated by Efie Falida


Irini Karayannopoulou in front of  sequin dress

style odyssey : what is the first thing that comes in your mind at the hearing of the word 80’s?Irini Karayannopoulou :Sequins! The more they shine the better. They are everywhere, in different colors, shapes and ways, they are moving, they are shaking, they are talking and they come in heavy doses. They go really well with mullets and other spectacular 80’s curiosities such as hair perms, hair highlights, white socks and stonewashed jeans

style odyssey :do you consider that Greek 80’s had their own identity? Irini Karayannopoulou :I am sure that the Greek 80’s were more 80’s than any other 80’s around, in fact they still are

style odyssey: tell me about a memory from 80’s that has stuck on your mind?  Irini Karayannopoulou :Roller and ice skating twice a week

style odyssey: tell us in brief about your presentation here…

My work is on view at the Disco Fashion department of the GR80’s exhibition in Technopolis. I am showing a female cyclop with full eyeshadow and mascara in company of a little orphan with plaids. Both works are part of the YOU AM I series.You can find out more about this project on my website Karayannopoulou.com