• Last night I met an interesting man and we discussed  the way which sunglasses resemble masks. But he couldn’t even try wearing them because he had cut his 
  • ear …


Photos Γιάννης Γιαλούρης

Concept and Fashion Editor Dimitris Grammaticoyiannis (D-tales)

Make up-Hair artist Maria Vogiatzi (www.mariavogiatzi.com)

street casting Andreas Panagopoulos

Cover Photo

Wooden sculpture by Loris Marazzi

(Wood and Sculptures Venice)

Photo 1

Hat Achilleas Accessories, sunglasses Gazer, cardigan Diesel(attica), floral shirt Diesel.

Photo 2

Coif Harley Davidson, trenchcoat Energy, denim shirt Sisley, sunglasses Gazer.

Photo 3

Sweatshirt Diesel, shirt Diesel(attica), sunglasses Jisco.

Photo 4

Sweatshirt with constellation pattern Diesel(attica), sunglasses Garrett Leight (ΑΜΟΥΡΓΙΑΝΟΣ amourgianos.gr)

Photo 5

Sweatshirt with constellation pattern Diesel(attica), sunglasses Folli Follie(attica).

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