Malcolm X (May 19,1925-February 21 1965) was an African-American Muslim minister and human rights activist.
Although for a dozen years he espoused black supremacy and the separation of black and white Americans,he totally changed his views and ideas and he disavowed racism saying” I did many things
as a Muslim that I’m sorry for now,I was a zombie then…”
His life is a case study, timely appropriate to the current social-political situation.
The fashion editor of Ethical Ode Dimitris Grammaticoyiannis would like to pay tribute to his memory and demonstrate how a person’s development can empower an entire society to go forth.
(it has been exactly 50 years since his assassination day, February 21, 1965),
I have to remind you that the 1992 film Malcolm X with Denzel Washington in the title role ends with a scene of a black teacher in an American classroom. Behind her, on the blackboard, are the words “MALCOLM X DAY”.She tells the class that it is Malcolm X’s birthday and goes on to say”Malcolm X is you -all of you. In succession, some of her students stand up and shout” I’m Malcolm X ”

Concept and Fashion Director: DIMITRIS GRAMMATIKOYIANNIS
Model: EMMANUEL FIGO KABIA (Cristi’s models)
Make up Artist: IOANNIS ANGELO

Photo 1:
Γυαλιά Gucci
Πουκαμίσα Δημήτρης Πέτρου
Παντελόνι Δημήτρης Πέτρου
Παπούτσια Diesel
Κολιέ με παντατίφ σφαίρα και όπλο Menu

Photo 2:
Πουκάμισο – Παπιγιόν Hugo Boss
Σακάκι Benetton
Κοσμήματα Menu

Photo 3:
Γυαλιά  Gucci
Πουκαμίσα  Δημήτρης Πέτρου
Κολιέ με παντατίφ σφαίρα και όπλο  Menu

Photo 4:
T-shirt Diesel
Κοστουμι Hugo Boss
Ζώνη Diesel

Photo 5:
Πουκάμισο-παντελόνι-παπιγιόν-Tuxedo: Όλα Δημήτρης Πέτρου
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