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meeting Hendrik HeuerMann from H&M


Mariza Petrakou (Communication & Press Manager,Sustainability Manager )  explains that H & M is a pioneer in sustainable fashion and one of the largest recycled polyester users , one of the largest buyers of organic cotton in the world . The target of the company by 2020 is  cotton comes from 100% more sustainable sources.5D4A5488ok_40

Mariza Petrakou presents Hendrik Heuermann  the Sustainability Manager of H&M  in Deutschland.



Dimitris: Dr Mark Browne ,an ecologist and postdoctoral fellow at the National Center of Ecological Analysis and Synthesis in Santa Barbara states that every time a synthetic garment goes through the spin and rinse cycle in a washing machine ,it sheds a large number of plastic microfibers and eventually end up in the oceans. Is he right?Hendrik: He is right. The more you come in on a subject, the more aspects you find. But I believe that every technique and solution is in our side. Perhaps washing machines would help to solve this problem the years to come. It’s obvious that we try to be a part of this solution.


Dimitris: What kind of music do you like to hear and play and which song could be combined with environmental issues?

Hendrik: (laughs) Personally I’m a jazz musician, a jazz guy, my favorite artist is Michael Jackson, he is powerful enough. Dreamers by John Lennon is my favorite song.

Dimitris: You have a Master in Political Sciences. Do you believe that Politics could be associated with the Fashion industry?

Hendrik: The Politics interlink everywhere. For example, if you are interested in wages at a political level, the government can’t solve this problem alone, you need to talk with them. It’s a mix. I believe that we all must work together.

Dimitris: I’ve read that you had diagnosed with a neurological disease at the age of 23 years old. Has this any connection with your passion of sustainability?

Hendrik: I suppose in many things and I would like the last day of my life to say “I’ve made people think about the sustainability

Dimitris: What have you seen traveling around?

Hendrik: One thing that really touched me up, people were really friendly and helpful!

Dimitris: Are you optimistic about what is going to come in the next years related to the environmental issues?

Hendrik: I’m extremely optimistic that my daughter will live in a better environment.

Dimitris: How old is she?

Hendrik: Just eight weeks.