Not In My Back Yard

N.I.M.B.Y is a derogatory characterization of opposition by residents to a proposal for a new situation, because it is close to them.

Examples of projects likely to be opposed are homeless shelters prisons, pubs adult entertainment establishments, mobile telephone network masts, youth hostels, toxic waste dumps and I could refer of many others issues.

This specific term made me imagine a photography in a back yard of a peaceful house (simulating the back yards of American dream houses with grass,pools and barbecues), residents in a state of having fun and calmness but behind them, there are shadows.

These shadows  behind them, are coming from refugees! The countries of Europe face the great problem of people who are forced to abandon their land, under horrible and dangerous situations. Fashion can’t be unsensitised of this.

illustrator:  Christina Zekkou 


concept editor: Dimitris Grammaticoyiannis