What is a Nation during a climate crisis?

Could a Nation have space for anyone?

Can we reform a Nation from A-Ω?

I’m not sure a Fashion Brand can answer, but it’s apropos that it sets the questions…

WE blame Society but WE are Society”

Photos: Katerina Tsatsani (D-tales Creative Agency)

Eco Editor: Dimitris Grammatikoyiannis

Styling : Daphne Kourentzi

Makeup/ Hairstyling: Thalia Tzanetis

Makeup/Hairstyling assistant: Eleanna Simati


Models in alphabetical order: Gideon Abg (X-ray Models Agency), Giannis Galganopoulos (Vn Models agency), Jaylin Carlson (Agencia-Models Agency), Joshy Wei (D-Models Agency), Symela Tsopi (Ace Models Agency).

The brands that”dress” this fashion editorial is ΒΕ:ΝΑΤΙΟΝ, HALL OF BRANDS, JEFFREY CAMPBELL GREECE, KARFIL HATS, SAFILO HELLAS (Chiara Ferragni, Dsquared), SPORTHERO.