Yoga is a group of physical, mental and pneumatic practices which originated in ancient India. The holiday season gives you a great opportunity to deal with your spiritualism and physical health training instead of buying useless stuff that end up in landfills.

Photos : Nadia Kouloura

Fashion Editor : Dimitris Grammaticoyiannis

Styling : Dimitris Metallinos

Make up- Hair : Joanna Stella Papathanasiou

Model : Giorgos Petinis (Ace models)


image 01-02 : sleeveless t-shirt He-m-n-oid , pants Dante Men

image 03-04-05 : elongated t-shirt VOIDmode , baggy pants Bodytalk

image 06 : long shirt Dante Men , baggy pants VOIDmode

image 07-08 : pullover hoodie VOIDmode , meggings Divak

image 09 : cardigan Divak , meggings He-m-n-oid

image 10 :  sleeveless tracksuit Bodytalk

image 11 : sleeveless t-shirt He-m-oid , pants VOIDmode